Burglar pleads guilty to drug-induced crime — (JHZone)

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A former Jackson resident who stole more than $2,700 in sporting goods while in an alcohol and drug induced haze pleaded guilty to burglary Wednesday in Ninth District Court.

Sarah Pilzer, 33, agreed to plead guilty to burglary and prosecutors agreed to drop a grand larceny charge. The agreement calls for restitution, five years supervised probation and a suspended sentence of three to five years in prison.

District Judge Nancy Guthrie ordered a pre-sentence investigation before accepting the deal.

Pilzer stole ice climbing equipment from Gear Revival – a now defunct store that specialized in climbing, ski and boating gear – on April 9, 2002.

While pleading guilty on Wednesday, Pilzer recounted the bizarre nature of the crime. She said that on the night of the crime she drank five beers at Snake River Brewery and had several prescription medications in her system, including anti-depressants and valium.

Pilzer said she had never mixed alcohol and prescription drugs before and “did not know the severe consequences which would result.”

“I lost all clarity of thought,” she said.

Pilzer then left the brewery and drove past Gear Revival where she had conducted business in the past. She decided to stop in front of the store, which had closed for the night, and she got out of her car and threw a rock through the store’s window.

“The hole was quite large,” she said.  “I went into the building.”

Pilzer stole climbing boots, an ice tool, transceiver, jacket, sunglasses and carabiners – totaling $2,700 – and left the store and drove home. “I still don’t know what I was doing,” she said. The next morning, she said she was shocked to find all of the stolen items in her home.

Pilzer’s fiance reported her to the police, and Pilzer returned all of the items to the store. As part of her restitution, Pilzer also will have to pay for more than $1,000 in damages resulting from the broken window and damaged merchandise. Glass from the broken window damaged four sleeping bags in the store.

“I wanted to do anything to reverse what had happened,” Pilzer said Wednesday.

Pilzer, who now lives in Park City, Utah, is out on jail on a $500 cash bond. A sentencing date has not been set.