Fire Truck Thief — (The Salt Lake Tribune)

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah For the Record

9 December 1998

Shirley Jean Shay, who in April led police on an hourlong chase in a Salt Lake City fire truck, will be getting the treatment she has sought for her mental illnesses.

Shay previously pleaded guilty to third-degree felony joy riding, but was allowed to change her plea to “guilty and mentally ill.”

The plea allowed 3rd District Judge Dennis Fuchs to refer Shay to the state department of Human Services for evaluation and treatment before sentencing the 42-year-old woman. Fuchs set a review hearing for June 21. Shay, who says she suffers from a number of mental disorders, claims she was under the influence of alcohol and Prozac when she stole a fire truck April 11.

Shay drove the $350,000 pumper truck 50 miles before police stopped her in Layton.