Racist taxi passenger refused to pay — (The Worcester News)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac and sleep meds takes taxi ride, swears at driver, accuses him of being member of Taliban, refuses to pay. No memory of incident, is charged.

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The Worcester News

A WOMAN refused to pay a Worcester taxi-driver and dubbed him a member of the Taliban, a court heard.

Lynn Hart, admitted the charges of racially aggravated harassment and attempting to make off without payment at Worcester Magistrates.

Hart, of St Catherines Vale, off Wyld’s Lane, Worcester, swore at the taxi driver and referred to him being a member of the Taliban after he drove them to the police station.

Prosecuting, Mark Soper said the incident happened on Thursday, December 6, when she had asked the taxi driver to take her and another male to Tesco so she could buy some beer.

“There was an argument over who was going to pay the taxi fare,” said Mr Soper, adding the male said he did not have any money.

Mr Soper said the taxi driver realised he was not going to be paid so drove towards the police station when he was racially abused by Hart, who owed him around £12.

A police officer tried to persuade her to pay but when she refused she was arrested.

In mitigation, Sam Lamsdale said Hart was not just suffering from depression but manic depression and was on very strong medication, including prozac and sleeping tablets.

Miss Lamsdale added she did not remember shouting the abusive words at the taxi driver.

Deputy District Judge Ian Strongman said: “It is extremely hurtful to people from ethnic minorities to be targeted with racial abuse.”

Hart was given a six month supervision requirement and ordered to pay the £12 to the driver.

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