Husband grief-stricken after birthday death — (Lancashire Evening Telegraph)

SSRI Ed note: Wife and mum prescribed antidepressants gets worse instead of improving, becomes suicidal, jumps in front of train on husband's birthday. Depression blamed.

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Lancashire Evening Telegraph

By Oliver Evans

A DISTRAUGHT husband today told how his depressed wife killed herself by throwing herself in front of a train on his birthday.

David Longworth said his wife of more than 20 years, Carol, had struggled with unexplainable depression which had taken over their lives for the last two years.

He said he had no doubt that Mrs Longworth, 49, took her own life at Mill Hill Station on Friday, on his 48th birthday.

The couple have a 16-year-old son, Gavin.

Mr Longworth, of Grange Road, Blackburn, said: “Carol was fine until she had her illness. She had worsened. She kept saying she was suicidal.

“She was always smiling, she was always a warm person until the last couple of years, when she went down.  I always thought she would get better. It really hurts a lot.
David Longworth

“It was just how she felt, she never thought she felt right. She went regularly to see a psychiatrist but it is one of those things. The medication didn’t do any good for her.

“In my mind I was expecting she would try something because she had taken an overdose before. She kept saying she was suicidal because she thought she would never get better.

“I always thought she would get better.

“It hurts, it really hurts a lot. I feel horrible.”

Mr Longworth said the couple worked at nearby textile firm Voith but Mrs Longworth had left because of her illness.

He said his wife’s father had taken his own life when she was a teenager but he saw no reason why she began to feel depressed.

She spent time as an in-patient at a mental health ward at Queen’s Park Hospital, Blackburn, and was taking anti-depressant medication and seeing a psychologist, he said.

He said: “She used to do everything, gardening, going out for walks, there was never enough hours in the day, she was always dashing about.

“But then she couldn’t do anything.”

British Transport Police are investigating the death and an inquest is expected to open this week