Woman who used machete to force ex-boyfriend into sex sentenced to 20 years in psychiatric hospital — (7NEWS)

SSRI Ed note: Teen prescribed psych meds doesn't always take them, attacks ex twice in 2 years, forces sex on him, judge demands she take meds, 20 yrs in psych hospital,

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Chris Hook

Published: Saturday, 2 November 2019 11:39 pm

A young woman who broke into her ex-boyfriend’s house armed with a machete and forced him to have sex at knife-point has been sentenced to 20 years in a mental hospital.

Samantha Ray Mears was sentenced over the crime this week, with the judge noting the 20-year-old’s inability to stay on her psychiatric medication made her a danger to others.

Mears – who comes from the Montana city of Great Falls – was charged in June 2018 with aggravated burglary, assault with a weapon, unlawful restraint, assault and criminal mischief.

She was eventually sentenced for sexual intercourse without consent.

Two months earlier she had been charged with strangling the same man who is simply known as SD and has not been identified.

The Great Falls Tribune reports Mears has been held at the Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs since her second arrest.

Her lawyer Mark Frisbie says Mears has learning disabilities that contributed to the crimes.

The incident occurred last June when Mears broke into SD’s house armed with a machete when he wasn’t home and waited for him to return.

Samantha Mears after her arrest.

When he arrived, she ordered him to strip naked and get on the bed.

She then had sex with him, refusing to stop and biting his arm in the process.

Afterwards, the pair argued during which Mears also damaged the bedroom wall and urinated on her ex-boyfriend’s bed.

SD was eventually able to call for help and Mears was arrested.

While at the psychiatric hospital, Mears will undergo offender treatment and will be designated a tier 2 sex offender.

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