Woman’s death caused by morphine overdose — (Bangor Daily News)

SSRI Ed note: Woman, 20, on Celexa dies of morphine overdose. The antidepressant is not mentioned in the analysis of what happened.

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Bangor Daily News

Published May 26, 2004

PITTSFIELD – Pittsfield police received confirmation this week that a Plymouth woman died last month from a morphine overdose.

Colleen Marie King, 20, was found dead in bed April 17 at a High Street residence owned by David Ring. Three to four other adults were at the home, Police Chief Steven Emery said, and trace amounts of an opiate, likely heroin, also were found at the house. Stolen prescription drugs also were found.

Emery said those drugs are being tested to confirm their identity.

Investigating Officer Marty Cochran said Tuesday that the state toxicology report showed that King had nearly six times the level of morphine in her system than the lowest level determined to be toxic. State parameters for toxic levels range from .10 milligrams per liter to 1.0 milligram per liter. King’s blood contained .61 milligrams per liter, according to the report.

King’s blood also tested positive for a nontoxic amount of citalopram hydrobromide, a prescription anti-depressant sold under the brand name Celexa. No alcohol was found in her system.

Two people who were in the home when King died are scheduled to appear this morning in Skowhegan District Court.

Dina McCarthy, 34, of Newport is charged with two counts of possession of drugs, and Matthew S. Bevacqua, 33, who lived at the High Street residence, is charged with a single count of possession of heroin.

Cochran said that although the investigation into who supplied King the drugs is continuing, it appears to be unfruitful.