North Lynn mum slashed own throat — (North Lynn News)

SSRI Ed note: Happily married woman takes antidepressants, has personality change, suffers hallucinations, kills herself violently.

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By Louise Brain

A MAN has described how he and his son discovered his wife in a pool of blood in their garden shed after she slashed her own throat.

The ordeal of the agricultural worker and his 20-year-old son was intensified when they were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the death.

Greater Norfolk Coroner Mr William Armstrong told an inquest at Lynn County Court on Friday there was no doubt Lithuanian Stanislava Zeiciene had committed suicide.

Speaking through an interpreter, the 51-year-old woman’s shell-shocked husband Vladas Zeicas said: “I don’t know why my wife would want to kill herself. We had a good marriage.”

Heavy-eyed Mr Zeicas looked straight ahead as the grim details of his account of what happened on that morning were read out.

He first knew something was wrong when he realised his son, who shares the same name, had not left for work as normal by 5.20am. It was then that Vladas junior told his dad his mum was missing, the hearing was told.

The pair searched their home, 31 Le Strange Avenue, North Lynn, and eventually went outside and discovered the shed was, unusually, unbolted, but when they pushed on the door they discovered it had been locked from within.

When they managed to push their way inside they discovered the floor was covered in blood.

The pair managed to raise emergency services and Mr Zeicas went into the shed, discovered his wife face down on her knees and tied a towel tightly around her neck to try to stop the flow of blood, the inquest heard. Beside her was a knife from the kitchen.

A doctor who examined Mrs Zeiciene said it was entirely possible for someone to have inflicted those wounds on themselves and there was no evidence of any other person being involved, the inquest heard.

In his statement Mr Zeicas said his wife’s personality had changed over the weeks leading up to her death, on July 18 last year, and she had started imagining seeing things hanging in the bathroom. She had been to the doctors and prescribed anti-depressants two months before her death.

A note read out to the court, said: “Goodbye everyone. Forgive me if you can. God helps you.”

Mr Armstrong recorded a verdict of suicide while suffering from a depressive illness.

At the time of Mrs Zeiciene’s death, Mr Zeicas, his son and a 20-year-old man who also shared their home, were arrested. They were all released without charge the following day.

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