Argument ends in tragedy for mother and daughter — (The Blacktown Guide)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants stabs her mother to death, commits suicide. Everyone shocked.

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The Blacktown Guide


Jan 17, 2008

A 38-year-old Orange woman stabbed her mother to death and then took an overdose of anti-depressants.

Yesterday police released details surrounding the death of Yvonne Minter, 64, and her daughter Rachel Hemsworth, 38.

Police say the women died within a short time of each other after a verbal argument escalated into violence with the deaths taking place probably Thursday, January 10 or Friday January 11.

Rachel Hemsworth stabbed her mother in the thigh with a long-bladed kitchen knife, lacerating the major femoral artery in her leg.

She bled to death.

A family friend discovered the bodies of the two women on Friday at about 5.45pm and called police.

The two women were found in separate rooms of the house. Neighbours told police they heard the women arguing prior to the tragedy.

Superintendent Mark Szalajko said although the cause of death of Yvonne Minter was clear, it will be several weeks before the results of toxicology tests confirm Rachel Hemsworth died from an overdose of anti-depressants.

Yvonne Minter moved into the Woodward Street home about a year ago and her daughter joined her a few months later.

Neighbours said they were shocked to hear the women who kept to themselves, and took pride in their home and garden had died.

Police said a suicide note was found at the house.

Source: Central Western Daily, NSW