Young blogger killed herself over fears she would lose custody of her son — (Metro U.K.)

SSRI Ed note: Young mum on antidepressants for anxiety feels out of control of her life, hangs herself. Coroner records open verdict.

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Metro U.K.

Zoe Drewett

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017 12:56 pm

Ellen Scott was found hanged in a hotel room in Cheshire (Picture: Cavendish Press)

A university student and keen blogger hanged herself two days after her birthday following a custody battle for her three-year-old son. Ellen Scott suffered from anxiety attacks and was stressed she may have been pregnant again when she died, an inquest heard.

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The 23-year-old was staying in a hotel on June 25 last year before she was booked to fly out to Toulouse, France, to visit friends. She sent a text message to her mother saying: ‘I’m losing control of my life.’

Hours later, she was found dead in her room at the Hallmark Hotel, close to Manchester Airport. Two handwritten notes were found in a bin nearby, which read ‘suicide’ and ‘recovery’. The young mother was a keen blogger who wrote about her fears of losing her son in the months before her death (Picture: Cavendish Press)

Ellen Scott was given full custody of her son a year before her death (Picture: Cavendish Press)Ellen, an event management student at Leeds Beckett University – who was engaged – was prescribed anti-depressants after she became ‘terrified’ of losing her child when he temporarily went to live his father. In a public blog written three weeks before her death, she wrote: ‘The soul is so unbelievably confusing, we never stop learning about how our unconscious thought process affects our actions on an unwell mind – not that my mind us unwell, it just has its days.

‘This mindset only creeps in to haunt when I become anxious of my Cub’s return. ‘Any mother would be exactly the same.’ Ellen’s mother Anna, 49, from Haworth, West Yorksshire, told the hearing in Macclesfield: ‘She could be so happy or she could be so down that she couldn’t get out of bed. ‘The Thursday before her birthday I sent her pictures of her son in the paddling pool and she replied “is it nice outside?” which meant she was having a bad day.

‘On her birthday she was happy and we had cake and her son was very excited to give it to her. She was excited to go France too. ‘One of the biggest problems for her was that she was terrified of losing her son.’ Ellen suffered from anxiety and was taking anti-depressants (Picture: Cavendish) She was due to fly to France the day after her death (Picture: Cavendish Press)Ellen won custody of her little boy the year before but became anxious when he went to stay with his father.

‘The court order states that he gets to have him one week at the end of the month and that was when her anxiety was sky high,’ Anna told the inquest. While Ellen was at the hotel on the night of her suicide she text her mother: ‘I’m losing control of my life.’ Anna said she phoned the hotel and left a voicemail when Ellen stopped picking up her phone calls.

Staff at the hotel found Ellen’s body at around 1.30 pm the following day after using a master key to gain entry to her room. In a statement by Zelda Lancelot, a social worker for a community mental health team in Castleford, officials had been on contact with Ellen before her death, but she was discharged because she seemed better.

Ellen’s body was found at the Hallmark Hotel in Handforth, Cheshire (Picture: Cavendish). ‘She felt that her family and friends were a big support for her and she was good at contacting in a crisis. ‘She felt that she was dealing well with her son, the relationship with his father was amicable and everything was more settled in her life. ‘She said that she was back at college and looking forward to getting back to her studies.’ Recording a narrative conclusion, coroner Claire Walsh said: ‘I cannot be sure beyond reasonable doubt that her intention was to kill herself – nor am I satisfied that this was a cry for help or that she knew how quickly it would happen.’