Calvert Man, 18, Pleads Guilty to Molesting Boy — (Washington Post)

SSRI Ed note: 18-yr-old on Paxil rapes girl, molests 8-yr-old boy

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Washington Post

November 21, 2002

Author: Michael Amon, Washington Post Staff Writer

An 18-year-old Calvert County man charged with raping a girl in a public high school bathroom and molesting a young boy has pleaded guilty to a second-degree sex offense and could face up to 18 months in jail, according to lawyers involved in the case. Edward L. Frostbutter of Chesapeake Beach entered the plea Nov. 8 in Calvert County Circuit Court in exchange for prosecutors dropping all other charges against him, including rape and assault.

The guilty plea is for molesting an 8-year-old boy in a Chesapeake Beach house Nov. 16, 2001. Police said Frostbutter knew the boy from his neighborhood.

Frostbutter was originally charged as a juvenile, but prosecutors sought and obtained an indictment of him as an adult on charges of sex offense, assault and unnatural and perverted practices. Prosecutors dropped the latter two charges.

Prosecutors also dropped charges of rape and assault stemming from a 16-year-old girl’s report that Frostbutter forced her to have sex with him in a bathroom at Calvert High School.

Charging documents said Frostbutter, whose mental health is in question, assumed the identity of an alter ego named Sam and raped the girl in a bathroom stall.

Frostbutter told police he suffered from depression and a multiple personality disorder and took the prescription drug Paxil.

In accordance with the plea agreement, Circuit Court Judge Warren J. Krug will not sentence Frostbutter to more than 18 months. Frostbutter will serve time in the County Detention Center.

Calvert public school officials declined to comment on Frostbutter’s case or what his status at school would be. Speaking generally, Raymond D’Arienzo, supervisor of student services, said criminal violations of the type Frostbutter was accused of are also infractions of school policy. He said such matters are handled by the superintendent’s office and may result in lengthy suspensions or expulsion.

The incident in the bathroom raised tough questions for the school district because officials were aware of Frostbutter’s prior indictment on sex offense charges with the boy. Superintendent James R. Hook has said it was the Department of Juvenile Justice’s responsibility, not the school system’s, to closely monitor Frostbutter after the indictment.

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