Richard Schneeberg — (2004 FDA Hearings)

SSRI Ed note: Man gets 14 antidepressants in 8 hospital stays, every time he becomes psychotic and/or suicidal. He survives to recommend the FDA ban SSRIs.

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MR. SCHNEEBERG:  Yes, my name is Richard Schneeberg and I have a masters in counseling.
Between 1997 and 2000 a person is given 14 different types of antidepressants on eight hospital stays.  During one of the stays he tries to jump out of a hospital window.  After another hospital stay he is found walking on the railroad tracks, and when he is brought to the hospital he is a catatonic zombie.  He can’t speak and he is in a fetal position, rubbing his knees together.
After another hospital stay the person has a delusion of murder.  After yet another hospital stay this very same person makes a threat to burn down a hotel.  He is brought to a hospital and starts having hallucinations after being medicated again.
The common thread in all of these bizarre actions, including suicide, is that none of them ever occurred before this person was given antidepressants.  The focus of this conference is
on children, however, the person who I refer to is not a child.  It was me, a man, then in his late 40s.

England has banned all antidepressants for  kids except Prozac.  Let’s have an American revolution and ban antidepressants for everyone and prevent many suicides.

All of the above is documented in my autobiography, “Legally Drugged,” being produced and published soon, and will be produced as a motion picture.

Excerpts from the hospital reports will be in the  book, where the psychiatrists themselves state they were worsening my condition.  Counseling only, no drugs.  Antidepressants, weapons of mass destruction.


DR. GOODMAN:  Thank you.