Young mum hanged herself after losing job at doctor’s surgery — (Metro U.K.)

SSRI Ed note: Young mom with insomnia, taking citalopram and zopiclone, loses job, hangs herself.

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Metro U.K.

Jen Mills

Monday 1 Oct 2018 5:57 pm

A young mother hanged herself after she was sacked from her job at a doctor’s surgery, an inquest heard today. Victoria Pocock killed herself while her partner and their infant son were asleep upstairs.

The 27-year-old was found hanging by her partner, who quickly put their 18-month-old son back to bed before dialling 999. The coroner heard that the operator told James Smith to start CPR but despite his best efforts and those of paramedics who later arrived, Miss Pocock was declared dead at the scene in Lambourn, near Hungerford, Berkshire.

Victoria Pocock killed herself while her partner and their infant son were asleep upstairs (Picture: INS).  The inquest heard how Miss Pocock had battled depression for a number of years and had recently lost her job at a GP surgery.

A statement from Dr Christa Teplicky was read out by Senior Berkshire Coroner Heidi Connor. Dr Teplicky said: ‘Miss Pocock had been employed by a cleaning company that worked at the GP surgery. The last time she was seen as a patient at the clinic was on March 7, but she was seen afterwards in the evenings when she was cleaning. ‘She had a son who was born in September 2016 and she reported having a good relationship with him.

Victoria Pocock was found hanged (Picture: INS)‘Her main complaint was that she struggled to sleep. She was prescribed the anti-depressant Citalopram, as well as Zopiclone, a sleeping medication.

‘When I saw her in December 2017 she reported she was feeling much better and said she was looking forward to Christmas.’ The coroner, sitting in Reading, Berkshire, heard that Mr Smith put his son back to bed and called 999. Detective Constable Stephens went to the scene and also provided a report for Mrs Connor. He said: ‘Mr Smith arrived back home on April 19 at about 11.30 pm and he found Miss Pocock drinking Corona beer. She had been sacked from her job at a doctor’s surgery (Picture: INS).

‘They went to bed and, at approximately 1.30 am, Mr Smith woke up and his partner was still asleep next to him.’ In the morning he realised his partner had hanged herself. ‘Paramedics attended the scene but she was declared life extinct at 9.09 am on April 20,’ the coroner said. ‘Two red-inked letters were found, which were suicide notes. There was sad music playing from the television. It was “How to Save a Life”, possible by the band The Fray.’ Miss Pocock also sent a text to her mother at 6.07 am, in which she said she was struggling. According to Mrs Connor, the contents of the two red letters ‘set out a clear intention [Miss Pocock] intended to end her life.’

A toxicology report found that Miss Pocock had 183 mg of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood in her system when she died, which was just over twice the legal limit of 80mg per 100ml. Cocaine was also found in her blood stream, as well as a ‘high therapeutic amount’ of anti-depressant Citalopram. Mrs Connor said: ‘In the case of Victoria Pocock I record a conclusion of suicide. ‘Miss Victoria Pocock, of Woodbury, Lambourn, died on April 20, 2018. I would like to pay tribute to the family for the huge degree of dignity the have displayed.’