Young mum kills herself after children taken from her care while another desperately ill in hospital — (The Mirror)

SSRI Ed note: Mom, 28, given antidepressants to help her cope with having 2 children taken from her, attempts suicide by overdose, writes glib farewell, hangs herself.

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The Mirror

07:03, 18 Jul 2016

By Todd Fitzgerald

Emma Thomas hanged herself hours after posting a heart-breaking farewell message on Facebook. Emma Thomas was struggling to cope with the news her children would be taken from her care.

A young mum took her own life after two of her children were taken from her care while a third was desperately ill in hospital.

Emma Thomas hanged herself hours after posting a heart-breaking farewell message on Facebook reading: ‘I can’t do it any more, bye’.

The 28-year-old was found dead in her garden a few weeks after being told the youngsters had been placed in the care of her ex-boyfriend permanently by social services, reports the Manchester Evening News .

Just hours before the 28-year-old was found hanging at her Rochdale home, she posted the Facebook status: “Am done u wont my kids u got them u wont get any1 that love there kids like i do cant do it any more bye [sic].”

An inquest into Ms Thomas’ death heard that she had attempted suicide by cutting her wrists and overdosing on pills weeks before she died on March 12.

Ms Thomas’s other son has a serious liver condition

Tragically, she was found dead by her boyfriend Lee Walsh, after he went to her flat to check on her following an argument.

Rochdale Coroner’s Court heard that Ms Thomas had two children from a previous relationship.

When she separated with their father, she moved from Blackpool to Rochdale with them.

A year later she met Mr Walsh and the pair had a son, who suffers from a serious liver condition and has spent much of his life in hospital.

He was just a year old when his mother died.

Ms Thomas’ sister Ellen Price told the court that in November last year, social services put the two older children – aged five and nine – temporarily in the care of her sibling’s ex-boyfriend in Blackpool while she cared for her sick baby.

“It was heart-wrenching for her,” Ms Price added.

Weeks before her death, Ms Thomas was told her ex-boyfriend would have custody of the two children permanently.

Rochdale Coroners court

The inquest was heard at Rochdale Coroners court

The court heard that she was prescribed anti-depressants to help her cope with her two children moving away and the strain of caring for her seriously-ill baby, who she ‘constantly’ visited in hospital.

Ms Price told the court Ms Thomas was also suffering with ‘difficulties’ in her relationship with Mr Walsh and that there had been ‘violent’ incidents.

As Ms Thomas’ problems mounted, she reportedly told social service staff: “I feel like jumping from a bridge.”

Mr Walsh told the court: “I can’t believe Emma did what she did. She left my baby boy.”

Recording a conclusion of ‘suicide’, assistant coroner for north Manchester Matthew Cox said it was ‘clear’ troubles with all three of her children impacted upon Ms Thomas – and that she did intend to kill herself, having made suicide attempts and threats in the past.

After the hearing, Ms Thomas’ sister Donna said: “We all loved her. She was a great mum to her three kids. We all miss her.”