Suicide verdict Leeds car park plunge woman — (The Yorkshire Evening Post)

SSRI Ed note: Woman is "depressed" starts Prozac, becomes suicidal, makes 2 suicide attempts, finally jumps from car park, dies. Depression blamed.

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The Yorkshire Evening Post

Published: 11:21 Tuesday 05 February 2008

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A woman plunged to her death from the top of a multi-storey Leeds car park, an inquest heard.  Linda Breen had tried to kill herself twice before she threw herself from the Woodhouse Lane car park in July last year.

The 37-year-old was pronounced dead just minutes after falling on to the carriageway of the inner-ring road below.

An inquest into her death heard how Miss Breen had a history of depression dating back five years and in the two months before her suicide she had tried to take her own life twice before.

The first time on May 21 she had bought a barbecue set and lit it in her home in an attempt to inhale the carbon monoxide fumes.

She also took an overdose of her medication fluoxetine, usually sold as the brand Prozac. The attempt failed however and she was referred to the crisis resolution service at the city’s Becklin Centre where she was seen by consultant psychiatrists.

She was prescribed home treatment and put on the waiting list for psychotherapy. Just 10 days later, though, she tried to end her life by taking 27 paracetamol pills.

On July 16, Miss Breen, a human resources officer for Leeds City Council, made her third and final attempt. She walked into the car park and made her way to the top before hurling herself off.

She left a note for her family explaining that she could not go on. It is understood she had become especially upset after a blossoming relationship ended.

West Yorkshire coroner David Hinchliff recorded a verdict of suicide.

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