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20 Mar 2012

I have been talking a lot about the emotional and psychological side of ourselves. I think it is time for me to focus a bit on the physical. Are you tired, sick and overweight? Why? It is not difficult to change your life around. You are only tired, sick and overweight because you choose to be.
Take a good hard look at the excuses that you give for not feeling wonderful, full of energy, healthy and trim. Is it that you don’t have time, or maybe you like to say that you have a slow metabolism, or what about, it is in my genes, my mother used to be overweight, or maybe it is because you use anti-depressants and cannot lose weight. Stop right there, stop the excuses. Stop and think if you would like to look and feel otherwise.
What do YOU want? People don’t care how you look or feel. They love you anyway even if you weigh a ton. They are your friends and your family. They love you. They don’t care if you are not the optimal you, they accept you the way you are. Do you accept yourself? You are the boss of your body and only you can determine what you put in your mouth. Stop digging your grave with your teeth and make a conscious decision to change. To be a better, brighter, leaner, fitter you.
Your body is without question the single most important thing you will ever have in your life time. Unless you change the way you think, everything remains the same. It is YOUR choice.
People use refined fats and sugars in much the same way as people use drugs, and the excuses for taking them are pretty much the same. People who consume rubbish foods and drinks all the time are more stressed than people who don’t. If you are an emotional eater, forget that excuse. You cannot feed an emotional hunger with food. Anything you eat when not really hungry gets stored as fat!
Raise expectations of yourself by feeding yourself healthy, wholesome foods. It is your choice. A good tip is not to take health advice from unhealthy people. You wouldn’t take financial advice from a poor person, nor would you take advice for quitting smoking from a person with a cigarette hanging from their mouth, now would you? So why are listening to fat friends and tired friends and depressed friends to try to feel better.
Get sound advice from someone who knows best, sets a good example and guarantees results. Results can only be achieved if you do as advisors tell you. Follow the advice, don’t just think about it.
You have to “MOVE IT TO LOSE IT”. No more excuses. Start today!!!

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